Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants!

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As children, losing teeth is somewhat a right of passage - that step from being a “little” kid to being a “big” kid. It is greatly anticipated by most kids who also cannot wait for the first visit from the tooth fairy. For most adults, however, losing one’s teeth is a dreaded affair, and one that most of us hope will not happen for many, many years. Unfortunately, it does happen, and not only does it affects a person’s ability to eat, hence affecting their nutrition, but it also affects their appearance, speech, and overall self esteem. Fortunately, there are various options available for us to chose from to help restore those beautiful smiles. Here at Cherry Hill Dental Center, one of the options we focus on is the use of dental implants.

In the past, dentures and fixed bridges were mainly use as the methods of tooth/teeth restoration. However, in the past 20 years, dental implants have quickly become the choice of most people for the replacement of missing teeth.

The dental implant is made from a titanium rod which is anchored in the jaw to support restorations that resemble a tooth to replace missing ones. As a result of the the implant being anchored in the jawbone, it helps maintain the integrity of the bone. Another important advantage of the dental implant over a fixed bridge is that the health of the surrounding teeth is not sacrificed.

Your Garden City Dentists are dedicated to restoring the ability to smile and eat. Our wonderful staff are here to put you at ease and answer all questions. Please feel free to drop in or call to schedule a consultation to decide the best treatment for you.

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